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In Nature's book I have read a little.



To begin:


I am an English-Literature and Italian major at University. In addition to full time classes in summer and regular semesters I work 30 hours a week at a law firm as a clerk (read: administrative assistant).


Most of the drama in my life happens because of either family or co-workers. My father is one of those people that lie all the time, but don't realize it, and my mother is a workaholic with what I call "Strong Woman Syndrome" (spread to women via Lifetime and Oprah-Oprah's cool in my book though). I work mostly from home, but when I go into work I find that one of my six co-workers seems to not like me. She gives me this weird, wry smile and speaks to me like I am an infant. Yes, maybe that does mean that she is plotting my revenge while somehow trying to confort me - wry smile plus motherese - but I can't shake the feeling that she talk about me behind my back and is trying to get me fired. Luckily my bosses can see through her because they seem to ignore when she decides to blame her mistakes on me.


I am beginning my concentration this semester at uni. I like medieval and romantic era literatures the best, so, like a good little bookworm, I am taking medieval courses first. I just got done with an amazing Dante (Alighieri, though Rosetti is good too - Go Pre-Raphaelites!!!) course this summer, and can't wait until I have enough historical, philosophical and literary background to begin independent study at uni on Dante.


Not sure, but I think I already know some of you from other forums, and also some from the Live Chat here at GA.


See you...


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