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Work sucks



I hate work. Some people would love my job, I fix big computer systems all day and some people really get off on that. I do it because I seem to be good at it, and because they pay me a lot. The problem is that this type of job endlessly cuts into my personal life. For example, I'm on call for a week, every third week. I'm paid a salary, so it's not fixed hours; I stay until my job is done for that day, and extra hours for big important projects are expected. But the biggest thing is that it's completely unfufulling; th computer systems I work on just help a bunch of silly rich people get richer. So I burn away hours, months, years of my life in this job that seldom allows me a quiet weekend and I don't even CARE about the work I do.


So I've been looking at other options, like going back to school or changing careers. right now I'm working on getting into real estate, rentals specifically, in the hope that I can get good enough at it to supplement my income, quit my good-paying but rather unhappy current career, and do something I'd enjoy like building low-cost housing for poor people or teaching or something. Over the last year or so I've scavenged enough money together to buy a cheap condo in the town next to me; I figure it's a low-risk test of my potential as a landlord. If it sucks, I'll sell the condo after a year or so. If it works out, I'll bust my ass for another year and maybe buy another. And at some point, quit my job.


Today I was showing the condo to prospective tenants. The only person I had a good feeling about at all was this guy...I'll call him Mike...who sounded very cool on the phone. He introduced himself, asked if the place was still available, and told me a little about himself before we even started talking about details. He will be a grad student at a local school in the fall, which is the sort of tenant I was hoping for, since grad students tend to be more responsible than undergrads. And, though somehow it makes me feel like I'm stereotyping, he sounded to me like a well-educated black man on the phone. What does that sound like, exactly? I don't know, but it's the feeling I got. Everyone else I talked to sounded like poorly-educated white folks, something that my state has a surplus of.


He showed up to see the place, and he was, in fact, a well-educated black man. He seemed to like me, which was important to me since I've had a whole string of asshole landlords and I didn't want to become one. He was laid-back, casual, the kind of person I would like to know better, as a friend, or so I felt after knowing him for a while fifteen minutes. He seemed to have fun telling me about what he was studying, and he liked the apartment, so I think I have my first tenant. But most interestingly to me, he struck me as the total opposite of me; he was doing something he was passionate about, for very little money, but I could just tell by the way he carried himself that he was happy. I'm struck by the odd symmetry of the situation; me, the well-paid unhappy guy looking for a way out through real estate, renting to a modestly paid happy guy who is passionte about his work. Maybe he's just further ahead of me on the path to enlightenment. :P


He also set off my gaydar but I'm convinced mine is defective...it's failed me before, with rather depressing results. But enough of that.


So I'm feeling okay right now - I've been down for a while about my career and how it feels like I'm burning away the best years of my life doing something that just doesn't matter. Today I feel like I've made a big step in changing that. Let's hope it keeps going that way.

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If there was a fingers crossed emotion i'd have it here *Fingers Crossed*


I hope your new venture works out grea for you. Good luck you deserve it :D

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