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A Gray Dawn (Revision)

Julian Alexander


So as i told a few people a few day ago, I was working on an old poem bc i was changing the perspective of the peom, instead of watching it through the soldiers eye, we watch what is happening through a watcher (I.E. The Embodiement <sp?> of Death). So here it is:


A Gray Dawn (Revision)


As the darkness befalls on this earth

Thundering through the night they march

Leaving a wake of hope and despair


Awoken by their cries of pain

Awoken by their cries of joy


Walking on top of the bodies of their brothers and sisters

Silently we move to watch all that are here

Holding them as they give their dying breath

Carrying their souls into the ever after


They are the dogs of war

Here to honor themselves and nation

Here held with a belief


Each night rains of metal pierce flesh

Screams of anger and agony can be heard

The soil drenched with the blood of their friends and enemies

Flashes of false suns scorched the soiled ground


There is no safety in those trenches

No safety in their faith

No safety anywhere anymore


Days and night pass by

Smaller their family becomes

They carry the tags of fallen

To keep their memory alive


Their cause has began to fade

But their will is always strong


On the horizon the first rays of red-orange light break through

They see the horror that the twilight hides


The skies and earth burnt by the fake suns

The rivers and oceans red with blood


This is war true face.

And all we can do is watch without judgment



Julio Morales (AKA Julian Alexander)


PS Lurk i may have found that Powerpoint that i was talking about)


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