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Don't you just love Irony.

Julian Alexander


lol, As my title says: Don' t you just love irony?


While my mum was taking me to the gym, she began to tell me how she and my dad thought my little brother might be gay :blink: (he is so not gay). Why you ask? The reason was because he spends to much time a a certain friend's house too much. I had to stifle my laughter at this. I mean look at me. I have what:


a) Bought a gay themed books

B) Have seen gay themed movies (twice with them in the same room)

c) Have seen gay themed TV shows (once or twice they caught me watching something)

d) Stood up for gay rights in front of them

e) Slipped out once or twice how a guy was hot

f) I know they caught me looking at the GA site

g) Have seen my famous (lol) avatars i use for MSN chat


Maybe i should start hanging out with my male friends more.


So as i said on top: Dont you just love irony...


Jules :read:


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WOW! That is ironic! So what did you say when she said that? It could be a good chance to sorta feel them out like, "well I don't think he is, but I wouldn't care. Would you?"


Anyway take care and good luck!



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Parental tactic #47: How to broach a subject without being confrontational.

It could be that she was trying to get you to talk about the subject :unsure:

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I agree with Jay I think maybe she was trying to give you and opening to talk about it next time take the oppurtunity to get into a discussion with her about it and see how she feels about it. :)



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