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Ridden hard, put away wet



So I spent 9 hours on a bike saddle this weekend, 150 miles, raising money for research to fight cystic fibrosis.


Let me word that differently.


I spent the weekend in skin-tight oufits, hanging with some cute guys, getting all hot and bothered...and boy is my ass SORE!


Which do you think sounds more interesting? :D




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Umm... Dezl.. hot and bothered... in skin tight clothes... 0:) yeah... VERY interesting ;)


So yay for you for doing the charity ride and for raising money and... awareness of your sexy butt :whistle:


Hugs Angel,

Viv :wub:

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Did you take that shower we discussed...? yumm :P


Well done on you ride, I'm glad you completed it and made it home safely.


Take care and I'll talk soon :D



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