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An all expense (somewhat) paid vacation...



So i got a round trip road fair curtisy of uncle trav... all my meals payed by dad and a loadging from my grandmother... yes i spent a glorious 7 days 6 nights a the cabin my grandparents own...


It was fun it got me out of my hick town and away from the people that ignore me (i didnt call them once while i was there and i havent called them since i have been back).... Anyway the original plan was to leave on thursday and come back sunday since school started on that monday... it turns out that school was postponed for another week because the a/c quit at my school... and with the heat wave they didnt want a death by heat exaugstion on their hands i guess.... so anyway we came back today...


So i am bored already and kinda miss it... the only reason i wanted to come back was because i missed my bed and my mom, but i could have made it... thanks to the miracle of cell phones and talking beds :/ ... So....


School starts monday and i am looking forward to see my favorite teacher... martha.... lol... i love her.... and i am happy that i will have something to burry myself in... i dont think i will talk to anyone of the first day of school and give them the same cold shoulder that i have been recieving for the past few weeks... grrr....


Anyway... i am bored... and i am starting to get slightly agrivating... i hope you missed me... maybe?


Song for the Blog: The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars


(because everyone have came and broke me down and they should just burry me...)


Later ~ nick :read:

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Guest OneTime


Coolies and hope to see you in chat.

Enjoy school! I did, and it was one of the few things I did right!

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