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Yea, newsflash, the end is approaching (end of summer that is). This was a good summer. I didn't turn out to be a recluse like I usually do. I usually fall into that rut of "oh yea, I'll call you and we'll hang out this summer but it never happens" but I didn't this year. Actually I have two new best friends. Anne and Johannah. They're fun. We sit up on make out point and talk about everything. But I'm kind of mad that I don't look the way I want to look before going back to school. I had all these plans on how I was going to loose weight/build muscle and they didnt work out. I had a good exercise schedual going for about three weeks but then vacation happened and I never picked myself back up. Oh well, thats why I'm taking weight lifting again this semester. And I will also have a built in study hall during that period so I can just run around the upper gym. I lost 20 something lbs in that class a year ago.


I've posted two poems in eFiction!

I'm really happy about that, usually I'd never post stuff. I barely post stuff in the forums, but I just kind of did it. I'm really happy abou Mr. Mirror Mr. Mirror (except for the ending) but I don't really like the other one. I just posted it for posting sake, but I'm also trying to incorporate it into another longer work of mine. The other day my computer screwed me over, so being impatient and dumb I decided to reinstall windows. I thought it would just reinstall the windows folder but apparently it deletes the entire hard drive. oops. but I found some undelete software and its all still there I just have to buy a usb hook up for my third hard drive. Oh, but the reason I was saying that is because it had some of my poetry and my story on it. All gone. but not anymore...


I like grocery shopping. I go grocery shopping for my mom so much at 11 at night that a kid there knows me pretty well now. I think he gets lonely at night in that grocery store. He's not all that cute, but I wonder about his sexuality. He's the type that doesn't know how to use gel and it ends up keeping his hair crusty and wet looking. not cool. the wet looking thing can be good but only if you have shorter hair, not longer hair.


I got contacts and when I was grocery shopping I used a coupon and saved a dollar. Well when I was headed on my way to go check out, I passed down the pet isle. Well I was looking over and saw a giant tub of catnip and thought about my cats being bored at home during the day in two weeks when I go to school. So I used that dollar that I was about to save from my new contact solution and put it towards the "keeping the cats out of boredom using drugs" fund. I brought it home and shoved some of their toys in it and now they really like me.


HAPPY ENDING! :ranger:


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I like grocery shopping.

Huh? WTF? are you ok? Huh? ;) I don't. 'tis a royal pain, unless I'm 'in the shopping zone' in which case it can be interesting ... marginally.


I'm proud of you buying the Cats drugs. Mine love catnip - they don't worry about the 'Say No to Catnip' posters. Lazy beasts.


Congrats on the poems. I'll mosey over to efiction and check 'em out.


Camy B)

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Guest OneTime


Don't loose to much, we need some nice rounded cuties! The thin look is wearing thin!

And chat at the mouse-mistake and the store! Sounds like maybe he could use some hair-help.

You never knowwwwwww........until you ask.

Nibbling your ears 'til chat!

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