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Junior Year Week 1



school started monday... yes monday... i had to go through a whole week of school... home work every damn night and restless nights of sleep do to the fact that i am not used to going to sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning... so yeah... i was almost a bitch come friday...


Anyway... my scedule was changed around a bit and i am glad that it was... this one works out much better than i had hoped for my orignal one to... so yay... My spanish class rocks i love it... Hola, Me llamo Jorge... and thats about the extent of what i can spell... So yeah... we got to choose spanish names if our didnt translate... mine did translate but i didnt like it so i chose Jorge... its funny because it sounds like whore hey... my modre (mom) has me calling me Hey Whore... so yeah... so thought it was funny.


Anyway... do you remember me telling you about the jock that i think is secretly gay (Ryan) ... well he is in like 3 of my classes... and he has been talking to me none stop... he's an alright guy i guess... but anyway he still has prick moments. But suprisingly he has a girl friend right now... she is a freshman and we are juniors... but i never see them together... oh well i maybe wrong, but i really think that me and him share the same secret.


So i have HAVPA this year or better known as History Appriciation of Visual and Perfomance Arts... And we rotate between three teacher every twelve weeks... right now i am in the band/music part and the teach is crazy i love her to death... she claims to have adult ADD and she will be in the middle of teaching something and then go into a rant or a rave about wal*mart just depending on her latest adventure in the store... She keeps the class cracked up...


So anyway yeah it has been a long week... and i feel old because i am an upper classman... i like that feeling... you know the one of superiority... so yeah. Let's see last night Trav and Brandi came up and we rented movies... Trav Spent the night and we stayed up late talking and we watched When a Stranger calls... we had a good time... i am i definately 100% over him... i had no sexual thoughts of him what so ever... i was kinda testing myself last night... and i flew through it... yay...


So anyway.... his mom called and woke us up at 9 and then she came and got him... so yeah we didnt get to do much today... besides i have to go to a wedding... and its one where i dont know anyone but mom does.... so i'll bet there'll be plenty of eye candy there for me to feast on... plus mom said there would be shat loads of food... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Song for the Blog: Make Damn Sure - Taking Back Sunday


(Because i just wanna bring you down so badly, I just fall for every thing you say)


Later ~ nick :read:


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Hey Nick!


Wow, it sounds like your year is off to a great start! I'm so glad you're doing so well and are over Trav. that's fantastic!


So how did the wedding go? Were you right about the food and uhh candy? :boy:


Take care and I hope you continue to have fun!


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