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I shake my butt



The Police

Message In A Bottle

Just a castaway

An island lost at sea

Another lonely day

With no one here but me

More loneliness

Than any man could bear

Rescue me before I fall into despair

I'll send an SOS to the world

I'll send an SOS to the world

I hope that someone gets my

I hope that someone gets my

I hope that someone gets my

Message in a bottle

[Message in a bottle]

A year has passed since I wrote my note

But I should have known this right from the start

Only hope can keep me together

Love can mend your life

But love can break your heart

Walked out this morning

Don't believe what I saw

A hundred billion bottles

Washed up on the shore

Seems I'm not alone at being alone

A hundred billion casatways

Looking for a home



I really like dancing to that song. I love dancing in general. I wish I could explain why I like it so much.

thats kind of how I feel about spaghettio's. They're good, but I can't explain it. Maybe its just reliving my childhood. My friends and I do that a lot(btw, I'm eating spaghettio's and dancing right now).


My cat winks at me.


sooo, I hate to say it but I go back to school on the 24th. And on the first day, I have two papers due and am supposed to have read three books.

Its three days before school and I've read one book and am in the process of writing my first paper.


good luck to me


I got contacts two weeks ago! Now I can see really well and I don't have headaches nearly as often.

Insurance only covers contacts though, so I don't have glasses. I'd probably break them anyway.


anyway, I'm off to go dance in the shower.



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My cat winks at me.



Cats like to dance too.


Here's a fragment of a poem that I have cooking.




Have You Ever Seen Cats Dance?



Have you ever seen cats dance?

Under moonlight in sheer delight,

Forms of grace they prance,

Sleek silver shadows in starlight.


To no cadence do they dance,

Nor to a pious or vulgar ritual,

For the ancient hunt they prance,

In search of avian or rodent victuals.

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Hey Dude!


You sound happy :2thumbs: Yay for you!


You're right; dancing rocks! Spaghettio's I don't really go for all that much, lol, but I'm glad if you like em!


Good Luck on your reading and papers *whisper* (look into sparknotes or cliffnotes :P:boy: ) hehehe


good luck and take care!


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