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Sweet, glad you all had a blast of a time on your trip. Happy Belated Brithday dude, though I think I've said that to you in a PM.


Can't wait to hear all the drama that Josh causes in his school. Take care and keep in touch Eric


Bard :music:


PS. I'm glad to have you set the record on you and Billy having a baby. I was starting to worry there for a moment. :lmao:

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I'm glad to hear you guys had such a good time and that everyone is doing so well. :-)


And P.S. Veni, vidi, vici.

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Josh will be attending regular High School with his growth and that should be an experience. I hope they

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Hey Eric!! :D


I'm so glad you had a great time on your trip! :2thumbs::great: It sounds so awesome!


Yay for Josh and Robert! Double yay for you and Billy :D hehe and I'm pulling for Joe and hunky Italian guy!


Take care and have a really fantastic day!! :)


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