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The perfect man



:wub: <<<this is how i have loooked for the past almost 3 weeks. I met this guy that is totally perfect in every way. I have fulfilled so many dreams that ive always wanted to, in a fraction of the time ive spent dreaming of them. Making out in the rain, and looking at a man, and feeling that deep heart-wrenching love for a person. Ive been in and out of love before, but for some reason, when i look into his eyes i see a huge future of possiblities. Being able to go and star gaze and cuddle out in the country, really makes me realize how safe i am when in his arms. Even when other guys buy lots of stuff for their boyfriends, i can honestly think..."wow, im glad that our love isnt that superficial" I found a guy that buys me roses...JUST BECAUSE. I have heard that a rose is only as beautiful as its thorns, but every little quirk about him drives me wild...Knowing that he felt safe with me, as i with him, to fall asleep in a room of strangers made me feel so attached it could never be explained. Calling him names that a little kid might, but knowing that he wont get mad, and he will always call me his baby...I love you Joe


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Well, I don't need much convincing about how awesome Joe is, but I'm glad he's found someone who appreciates him. :)




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Wow, I can't even find it within myself to be a smartass right now, that was just too sweet! I'm so happy for both of you guys.



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:great: Glad you guys are BOTH happy.


By the way, you didn't say anything about his nose. Isn't like his best feature? 0:)

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Why is everyone so fixated on Joe's nose? I mean yeah, it's cute, but...big picture people! Look at the BIG PICTURE!



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It's always about size with you boys.. isn't it?!


But beyond that... I'm so happy for you that you have found someone, specifically our super special man Joey, to fall in love with and make your dreams come true. It's funny that you called him that, because I am always telling him how he is so much a man already, 17 or not, he has his stuff together and a good head on his shoulders, and an even better heart... he's PERFECT! :wub:


And you ... you must be pretty special yourself if someone as special as Joey has noticed... so anyway, take good care of each other! :D

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