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&&//Torture me but I won't confess..x





I didn't want to go back to school.

I have to leave my house at like 6:30 or some rediculous time like that.

I don't really know because I'm still asleep and my mum's spooning breakfast into my mouth. So I'm on the train for an hour and a half listening to some dodgy Emo music, which I accidently sing and get weird looks of people on the train. I hate the underground. -.-

Well, when I get back to school, all my friends are like "OMG U DYED UR HAIR BLACK" and then have an orgasm over it or something. Then we have to listen to our stupid headteacher (Principal) talk about uniform (yes, we have to wear one of those. Vicount blue blazers with a matching tie. *barfs*) and how poor we are at making our uniform 'neat'. Then we get our crappy journals for the year, which is basically filofax-type ringbinders with photocopied sheets inside.


And then I have Math, English & Science all on the same day. I have 5 Science lessons a week, 4 IT lessons, and RE twice.

I think this might just be the worst year ever.

Self destruct set for 5..4..3..2..1..

If only.

So, apart from that, it was good being back.

Well, seeing my friends was good. No good looking people still. :(

I was kinda hoping for some hot people just to join, so I at least have something good to look at during the day. No such luck.


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Hey Undecided! :)


Welcome to the world of GA blogging! It's pretty fun :)


I'm sorry school sucks so much :thumbdown:


There's seriously no cute people? GRRR


6:30? YUCK!


Well it'll get better :) Or at least bearable :)


Take care and have an awesome day!!


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