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&&//Shout at the top of your lungs..x



Okay, so I thought it couldn't get worse?

I've been stuck in the top set for science/maths (the rest of the lessons aren't set by learning ability) and we get like 20 pages of homework a night, each that has to be handed in the next day!

My school sucks big time.

Oh, and I had an 'Emo Moment', as my friends so kindly put it. Basically I get really depressed around 3rd lesson some days, and sit listening to music alone on the field. Then, for some unknown reason, I burst into tears during PE! Luckily no one was around but my friends knew something was up once I'd got back to the courtyard.

I feel like such a moron.

Oh, and then I had an extra lesson after school, French, because they couldn't fit it on my timetable. So if I want a French GCSE (which I do, for some unknown reason) I have to use my own time up!

I swear I'm going to sue my school or something.

So, I've been trying to loose weight, or at least tone up, because 10 stone just seems like a really big number. In America that's like...140 pounds or something. I'm like 5'11" - 6' and I don't reckon I should weigh that much. Oh, and I'm too pastey. I spent all of last night finding things wrong with myself. Like: too spotty, too messy (i.e. my hair is never neat), too fat, ugly feet (size 10!).

I mean, I'm 15 for crying out loud. If it's meant to happen, then this is when I'm supposed to blossom into some amazingly hot teenage heartthrob. Not 'the sad little grunger boy who we kinda recognise but he's one of thos faces in the crowd.'

I'm just whining now, so I'll stop. I can go on forever.

So, chyea.

Adios x


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140 lbs at 5'10" is NOT heavy -don't worry! We had a student where I work who was like 5'6" and weighed 135 and he was skinny as a rail! Size 10 feet (which, for some reason, is size 11 in the U.S.) is not too big either. Everyone feels ugly or coarse at one time or another, it happens..


Learning French is worth it, I survived grad school by teaching it to blue haired old grandmas and look where I am today! Actually, where the hell am I?


Have fun,



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Well, thanks, I still feel disfigured though. :)

And French is cool, but after school..

It's like, I could be doing a lot more interesting stuff..

(Well, I couldn't, 'cause I live 35 miles away from my school, which is an hur and a half on the train, so I don't have any friends near me.)

But I could be reading or something.

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