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Muslim Greeting Stamp

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Coming Undone


Hi Everyone


Ok, so I got this E-mail today.




Subject: Muslim Greeting Stamp


I thought this was a joke, but checked it out on the US Postal Service website and its true

How ironic is this??!! A Muslim Greeting stamp for the Holidays issued by the United States Post Office. ?? But don't dream of posting the ten commandments on federal property?

USPS New Stamp


This one is impossible to believe. Scroll down for the text.


If there is only one thing you forward today.....let it

be this!


(In this spot was a picture of a simple U.S. Postage stamp with some Arabic script and below it in English it said

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Shakes head in shame. Your right Eric 1.2 Million kids is too many. Sighs don't know what else to say. :hug: Thanks Eric for the times you talked to me. love ya

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My point being this, with everything that we know about the problems we face and knowing what the odds are, why do we fret over a factious postage stamp? :angry: Are we as a whole that fu**in stupid? :blink:

Because it's a whole lot less scary and challenging to worry about a postage stamp than about the real problems we have to deal with (such as, for example, global warming, which could make every other doggone thing moot.)


Because if people actually took a cold, hard at what's going on, we'd have to do something about it, and we'd also face the possibility of getting the pee scared out of us by what we saw. Not that that would be a bad thing. Getting to the place where you realize you have no choice is a damn good way of forcing people to work together and find solutions instead of behaving like a bunch of two-year-olds in a sandbox.


OK, mini-rant over.




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How interesting the e-mail about a fictitious stamp is circulating the day after 9/11.



Yes, we would rather look at the mirage of a problem than to deal with real problems. If we looked at real problems, we might have to do more than send an email or make a phone call...we might have to give of our time and money, and in the modern corporate era giving of time and money is a bad thing...

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You know it's stupid I tell you, we spend so much money blowing up buildings in other parts of the world to put even more people on the streets, yet we never bother looking at our own damn door.


Yes I agree with you Eric 100% that, that's 1.2 million too many. In a contry that has so much money, it shouldn't be allowed to happen at all. :angry:


As for all the fear the media puts into the people, I tend to tune it out. It's just not worth hearing the dumb stuff, lets look at what's really important and start opening our eyes to what's going on just outside our doors.


until next time


I'm the Bard man. :music:


PS. I miss ya dude, :hug: but shh don't tell Vivian I admitted it or she's going to rub it in my face :lol:

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Sighs... maybe the Klan that's running the country will be out on their ear this fall. I'm pretty sure that most people I know have had a belly full of them.


Hell- republicans used to know that you are supposed to finish one war before you get in another one. And a land war is Asia?


Didn't Bush ever play Risk?

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Shakes head in shame. Your right Eric 1.2 Million kids is too many

My friends, I dont want to interfere in your political problems about the next president (man or woman hehehe) but dont forget that the whole occidental word is looking on you :lmao:

What I dont understand is the amount of homeless children: 0.4 % of the population ????.

If we had in Switzerland the same relation, that would mean that we have about 30'000 homeless children in my country, which were about 5 x more than the effective number. I know that here the welfare and support organisations (private, churches and state) have a very close network and you have nowhere more than 10 miles from one city to another. So my question :pissed: :wacko: : WHY in such a strong and whealthy country is it possible to have more than 1'000'000 homeless children ? It is about the same situation we had about 80 years ago in my country.

can somebody explain the reasons to me ? :o

Old Bob

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