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&&//She sometimes cries blood..x



There's this girl called Alice in my school, and no one likes her; they call her Weird Alice (original little so-and-so's, aren't they?).

But me and she really get on well, she's kind of dubbed herself as my fag-hag, even though no one actually knows I'm gay, people just speculate (Yes, I'm that obvious).

But I had a weird dream two nights ago that she commited suicide, and she hasn't been in school since then.

I'm really worried for her, even though it was just a dream.

I'm just being stupid, aren't I?


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Hi Undecided-


Has she said or done anything recently that makes you think that she might be considering suicide?


I am including two links. The first is a list of suicide warning signs in general.


Warning Signs


This link is specifically about teens. Teen suicide is a tricky matter as their emotions are often up and down and felt intensely. It is very important for friends to know what to look out for.


Suicide Warning Signs in Teens


It is always nice to meet an English laddie. :D I'm rather pressed for time but considering the subject, I couldn't let this post just sit.


You can PM me or any number of good folks here if you need to talk about this further.





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Okay, new update: Weird Alice is fine. Sick, but fine. She was in school today, but "she wasn't very well" so she left real early. I'm still worried about her.

Whilst she was waiting for her mum to come and pick her up, I sat with her and had a little chat. Everyone who walked past was all "Heya Alice." which never happens, and Alice even commented on the fact that it was strange.

Maybe other people thought the same thing as me?

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