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Lance announced to the class that i was his hero... A really cute guy from the academic meet tonight gave me his email adress and myspace address... and i am the cowardly lion in the drama clubs production of The Wizard of Oz... as of right now the past three days have been the best ones of my life.


So tuesday in 5th period i went on a rant about some random something like i usually do... and as always i spoke my mind wether it was a good thing or a bad thing and i had the whole class (including the teacher) in tears of laughter... and when everyone had collected themselves... lance proclaims that i am his hero... he has now willingly talked to me everyday since then and even patted me on the back and repetively told me that i was his hero. So i must have stuck a cord with that boy to show him that i am not a bad guy contrary to what his friends are leading him to believe. But i am really happy... when ever i can get him some what alone i am gonna invite him to my b-day party!!! (yes i am three years old and have b-day partys with presents ice cream and cake)


So tonight was our first quick recall match we have been to this season and there were two gay guys there and one extremely cute "straight" guy... i know i should have been interested in the gay guys... but one looked like an ogre (to be blunt and mean about it) and the other one was cute... but Johnathan just caught my attention and he started talking to me. Anyway we barely talked there but at the end of the match he gave me his myspace adress and i gave him my email and i am talking to him right now... he likes photography and his girlfriend broke up with he (confirmed he was straight) 3 weeks ago... so yeah he is doing better but i really like talking to him YAY CUTE GUY!!!


I got the part that i wanted in the drama club play... the cowardly lion. It is gonna be so much fun and i am so excited...




Song for the Blog: Tell Me Baby - Red hot Chili Peppers


(because, tell me baby whats you story, where you come from and where you wanna go?)


later ~ nick :read:


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Nick, just remember not to blame Elfaba for your cowardliness...all she was trying to do was save you when you were a cub. (okay, now that you're confused, look up a play called "Wicked" - oh and the book, which tells the true story of the Wicked Witch)


Congrats BTW

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