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For all of you..i jsut wanted to let you know im leaving the site...it will be too hard for me to see things on this site...ill stay on for 2 more days so you all can comment and i can give you all a proper good bye...in closing

y do we allow ourselves to love, and look for love when it all ends in pain?


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Bye Zac, we'll miss you and your lap dances -_-


As far as your question on why we love when it only ends in pain? Cause the ride is worth the pain at the end.


P.S. - I was dumped about 4 months ago and it still hurts.





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I never got to know you Zac, and I'm sorry I won't get the chance. There is room for you here, but I understand that seeing things here will make life harder.


As for love, well, I have no clue. Living without love ... never finding it ... never even thinking you have it cuts to your soul deeper and harder than thinking you have it for a while only to find out you were wrong. Never having it destroys hope that it will ever be there. Being wrong means that it is still possible, when you find the right one, so hope is still alive.


All I can say is that trying to satisfy your fears for something less than the genuine article results in more pain and misery than being alone.


Wow, I may be more depressed than you are :P


:king: Snow Dog

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Bye Zac

Neither I got to know you, but when I look at your profile, I see you are so young that you will once find the love you are worth to find !

My experiences tell me that love and pain are a couple. You will have to enjoy the one and bear the other.

Its life, but later on you will only remember the love.

Farewell and please come back once.

La vie est belle malgr

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Hey Zac

As far as your question on why we love when it only ends in pain? Cause the ride is worth the pain at the end.



I know it hurts right now and I'm really sorry :(:hug: , but you'll love again if you give yourself the chance and it'll be worth it. Besides how can a good experience be negative just because it didn't end on the best note? I know this isn't what you want to hear right now, but a very wise friend of mine once told me this (I think it's a real expression and not something she made up, but either way it's very wise):


Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.


:hug: take care and I hope you feel better,

All the best always,


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