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I just want to introduce myself.



Hi I am Mr. Jon (aka Jonathan)


I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys. I am a 23 yr old student living in northeastern Ma. I joined gay authors recently after one of the members here asked me to. That member was Chaz. Chaz and I became friends when he started dating my best friend Green who passed away a few months past. His passing devastated us all. Now Chaz and I are really good friends.


I am currently writing a story based on the relationship Green had with Chaz and I and we hope to release it soon. We are working hard on that story but since we are both new to this I hope some of you could help us especially in the editing part of it.


What else can I say but thank you to you guys for letting me be a part of this place. Green was really grateful to some of the help you guys gave him in his blog and he told me so on countless occasions.


Mr. Jon


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Guest Rob Hawes


Welcome to GA Jonathan.


Like a lot of people here, I only knew Green from his blog entries, but he was so open in his blog that a lot of people here felt like they were a part of his life and when he died so many of us felt it. If Green called you his friend then it's an honour to have you here.


The story you're writing sounds intriguing and it's definitely something I would be excited to read. As for the editing, I'm team leader on the Writer Support Team and we're currently trying to get an Editor/Beta Reader Project off the ground to provide editorial support to authors. It's not officially up and running yet, but if you would like a good editor then just let me know and I'll talk to the project lead about finding someone for you. We have some good, experience editors signed up to help and if you wanted help with this story I think many of them would fight for the honour of helping you.



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