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&&//I want him so bad..x



God, he's making me so hot just looking at him.

Today, he was so sweet. (The guy I really like)

Firstly, he ripped of his breast pocket and gave it to me.

Something to remember him by :)

Then he pulled some hair out and gave that to me.

THEN he got a piece of paper, stuck it in his boxers, and then gave that to me!

Whilst he was removing said paper, I kinda accidently saw down his trousers (pants to you Americans)

Wow, it was nice. (!!)

I nearly died right there.


I'm gonna take him to a concert and like, make out with him there, possibly getting him drunk before hand.

He told me he was bi, but he leans more towards girls.

Damn women!

I kill them all!

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