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Left Brain-Right Brain

Coming Undone


Hi Everyone


I just took the 'Left Brain vs Right Brain' test offered on the Tickle thing and thought I'd share it here.


This was the result.



Eric, you are Left-brained, which means that the left hemisphere of your brain is dominant over your right.






Typically, left-brained individuals like you feel most at ease and in control in situations requiring verbal ability, attention to detail, and in-depth, linear, analytical ability. Writing ability and sequential processes of thought are also traits associated with left-brained individuals. We know this because researchers notice increased activity in the left hemisphere of the brain in people hooked up to monitors when they ask them to perform activities that require sharp focus on detail and organization.


In addition to isolating the ways in which your brain processes information, your left brain also controls the right side of your body. If you are strongly left-brained, you will find that your natural tendency is to be right-handed


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:o i got left brained too Eric! :P


Great Minds think alike i guess.


Hope everything is going well



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I already know I'm right brained.

I took a test a long time ago and its pretty obvious in everything that I do.


this is actually one of the first things I try to pick out about a person


its definitely important to how well a team works together or how well two people will work together

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Wow I'm apparently a left-brain kind of guy. LOL could have told you that with the fact I'm so right handed I don't even know how to work the left hand most days.


Take care Eric


The Bard :music:

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