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Playing Mother Is No Fun



Big rant ahead!!So, I've been feeling kinda meh all day. I'm not sleeping well again and I have jaw ache for one thing, which could both be solved by taking valium, but then I'll be a crying mess again and I hate that, I hate being so emotionally controlled by something like that. Anyway, so that doesn't help, but I'm feeling totally underappreciated at the moment, and like I have 10 million plates in the air, and that only half of them are mine and half of them are plates I'm spinning for other people. Which is partly my own doing for being a control freak and wanting to make sure things are done properly, if that making any sense? I'll try and put it rationally. So my own stuff going on includes working every evening, sorting out things to take to a thing we're going to this weekend, trying to work out when we can get to see my folks, working out what'll happen when seb has surgery, keeping up with my correspondances (I find it hard work to keep in touch with people but it's worth it) as well as keeping mine and seb's room and bathroom tidy, doing laundry all that shit. On top of that I'm also in charge of getting the bills paid for the flat (we have several flatmates, two of whom are here now) and sorting out our internet conection which is just a big hassle because the phone company f**ked up. It also seems that I'm the only person out of four of us (of whom I'm the only one working right now) that can run the dishwasher, or take out trash! So not only am I running around trying to keep my own shit on track, with not half as much sleep as I need, and with twice and much pain as I'd like, I'm also seemingly everyone damn mother! I mean, come on, three of them are at home all day and not one of them can run a trashbag downstairs, it's not even like they'd have to take the stairs we have an elevator. And I know, if it's no big deal then surely I could do it too, but why should I? Is that totally selfish of me? Do I seem like I'm being unreasonable? Sorry for all the ranting, it's just easy here, I tried telling one of my other friends and just...they weren't really listening, which is fine, everyone has their own stuff going on, so since I can rant on here, I guess I've taken advantage of it.Anyway, I complained to my gf who I work with about it all and we went to the mall after work. It was nice, I bought a rucksack to take to the festival, and some awesome boots for it too. We ate junk food, which should reassure seb, who, not content with me feeling antsy enough as it is has also decided to start analysing what I eat to convince me that I'm not eating right :angry: Like I need that too. Now I'm paranoid about eating around him because I know I'll get 'Is that all you're going to eat?' comments. Sorry for the big rant, I'm trying not to be all woe is me, because things aren't that bad. I think going away this weekend will be a good thing.Take care all, and have fun!Benp.s. yes, I realise that everyone has stuff going on, but hey, this is my blog, lol.


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Ben...deep breaths and give up some of that control...it may make your jaw feel better and may be the cause of it feeling worse..


how about a house meeting..and lists...rotate who does what each week......play mother and tell them this is the way it is....or you will be one mean step monster Mummy Dearest ala Joan Crawford.


so each week, someone does the trash, someone does the laundry, someone does the dishes..etc...and it can't hurt to try.


your blog entry reminds me of that 1960s song "I am W-O-M-A-N" in which she brings home the bacon, earns the paycheck, cooks and looks hot and sexy.....so tell Seb, if he wants you to stay hot and sexy that he and the flat mates better chip in....or else Mummy is going to bitch slap them something awful!


anyhoo..off to the gym to work off my own frustrations....your blog made me want to bitch slap them for you.....grrrr!



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So you went out and got another purse and shoes? 0:)


I agree with what Michael said... split it up and have someone do one thing for a whole week, and then change jobs. That's what we started a few years ago at my house. Then again, that lasted about 3 days until my mom was back to doing it all.


But try it, it might give you three days of freedom!




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*shakes head*


Do you youngsters have to spray your name on every wall?


*shakes head again*


Tob :ph34r:


lol, just joking Mikie :D

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Ben you could try the approch David used on me. 'For christ sake Chris, im not your bloody wife, go and do the f**king dishes your self!' :blink: Needless to say tail between my legs, I did the dishes. :(




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