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Lust, Love and Sex Workers



I found out something really interesting today. I met up with The N for a late lunch because I left work a little early [3 pm], and he told me something really unexpected.I feel like a little bit of a gossip because I only just found out and now I


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I cry extreme FOUL.


NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR!! Make your guests wait while you finish your blog entry :evil: . DO YOU HEAR ME?


Snowey 0:)

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Guest I can't believe you did that


I cry extreme FOUL.


NOT FAIR, NOT  FAIR, NOT FAIR!!  Make your guests wait while you finish your blog entry :evil: .  DO YOU HEAR ME?


Snowey  0:)


No Sh*t. :thumbdown:


-the other 'N'

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So now your blogs are going to end like your story chapters? Can't say that I blame you. It's a very effective tool. Always leave your fans (and lovers) wanting more!! :P


Mikie, we need some tapping here! :lol:



Conner :boy:

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