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Hi & welcome.....Ive been kinda told to do this, so being the nice boyfriend that I am im doing it.*Good News*Been to the doctors this afternoon. guess what my famous lump is just a stupid little cyst. Im going to be scheduled for day surgery to get it hacked off (the cyst that is ;) )I suppose the sheer embarasment of dropping my trouser AND boxers infront of the lady dorctor was worth the smile on David's face. Im off to nap now since I go back to work today at 9PM :(Take CareChris


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Yay for you...Clapping, grinning, taking a deep sigh of relief for you (and for Dave). I am proud of you for "takin it off" for the good of the cause. :lmao:


Always the good boyfriend, coffee chopper, finally dish washer, and clarifier of Dave's penis size :lmao:


Really, I am sooooooooo glad that it is nothing too serious... It is hard to hug Dave from all the way over here... and you too, but I am sending hugs to you both and an extra for him since I know I need some extra ones these days too...


Whew, Viv

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Chris and Dave,


Good Luck and glad its only a cyst....think of the fussing Dave will do to make you feel comfy and happy during your recovery period.


Beyond all that, we will be thinking of you. Let us know how it goes.


Fingers crossed and good karma sent your way:)



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Hi Christopher,


Glad to hear the lump on your leg is just a cyst. I'm sure if you want to save on the surgery, we can have someone here lance it off :2hands:



:2hands: (Dr wanna be) :unsure: (Christopher)


Oh and welcome to Blogging :2thumbs: . We didn't realize how agreeable you were to suggestions that Dave makes. We'll have to think up some new ones now that you've completed the previous list :P .


Take Care,



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