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Just finished reading a book

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I've been occupied much of the day reading a very good book called "Eragon". Check it out. :great: It was written by a teen boy and it has climbed to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. :great:

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    • By FormerMember4
      I’m writing this for all GA writers. This site has a large member base. Many of them may have a disability. Their needs are met by accessibility features. Which is found in computer hardware and software.
      Being blind, I depend on a screen reader. This literally reads everything on a page. From top to bottom. I can read by character, word, sentence, paragraph.
      a screen reader allows me to enjoy all the wonderful GA stories, but it’s not a perfect product. Every author has their own style and format. Which is great. Makes us all unique.
      There’s a big drawback that a screen reader can’t comprehend. I want to share with authors. This is chapter breaks. Something screen readers don’t understand. Some authors will break with a couple empty lines. Which is perfectly fine.
      other authors do this:
      Again fine. The reader reads me each star. Which is why authors should not do following.
      Screen readers will read every single symbol. I’ve seen authors do 3 lines of 50 symbols.
      I’m not criticizing anyone. Thought authors could use this as a tool.
    • By Myr
      We did a nice blog on letting readers choose how they want to read their favorite stories.
    • By FormerMember4
      I pose a question for you guys. Something I've pondered with recent GA offerings, and upcoming birthday. 
      As I get older, and farther from my younger years... My reading has matured. Maturing writing as well. 
      I crave more adult stories like Changes, and Dissonance. Among other greats I've read. Often inundated with another teen offering. 
      Do you find yourselves wanting more mature stories. Are your characters and themes in writing maturing as you do? 
    • By Sam Wyer
      Yes, OK, insert your own joke here and lets get it over with  
      I'm currently posting an old story of mine (Cal) which I wrote a year or two ago, and each chapter is usually ~4000 words.  I've noticed that many stories posted here have shorter chapters than this, which is interesting only because stories I am working on more recently (and yes, they will be posted on GA I promise) are tending to have even longer chapters.
      So my question is essentially; as a reader, do you care how long a chapter is?
    • By Cia
      How do I access a story to read on Gay Authors?
      The main page or any results from a search in Stories will show you a list of the available stories along with a set amount of meta data about each story. If you wish to read the story, please click on the story title and then on the chapter you wish to read, which you will then find listed below the story meta data.
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