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You don't have to tell everyone what you've done... just me 0:)


And NO!! you are definately not chubby. That is not the word I would use to describe you, but we already had that talk ;)


So, :P I love stationary too!! All kinds of cute pencils and little notebooks and colored gel pens and... :wacko: well you know, but if it makes you feel any better I once spent almost $300 in one trip on stuff like that... needless to say, I actually make my own Christmas Cards... but I have to start at the beginning of November so I can mail them out right after Thanksgiving. I know, I have issues...


Anyway, what your mom says is true, sometimes, about the weight thing, but don't worry Matty, I will still love you when you are chubby, which will be a while the way you move... just teasing you :ph34r: OR the way you MOVE, you perv, lol.


Hugs to the not chubby, way HOT guy :wub:


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Matt, I work out 6 days a week and I still complain and feel I am chubby and I watch my diet like a hawk and don't drink, don't smoke, don't eat sweets and my hypothyroid always makes me feel like I am blimp.....I get told I am too thin or too fat....I had a date recently tell me that I wasn't tall enough (I am 6ft 1" tall) and he only dates guys 6ft 3" or more...as an aside in our chit chat, discussing people we knew I discovered he dated one of my friends who is 5ft 8" and he said that wasn't going to work..my friend is way too short.


so, I always feel like I am the anti Goldlocks...I am either too fat, too skinny, too bald..not bald enough, too hairy (I am Italian...I am hairy...you would think these Guys would get that..geez, I have a 5 o'clock shadow by 9:30 a.m....and sadly seems more hair on my chest and goatee then my head) ..or I find the ones who complain, I am not hairy enough


and they say women are fickle..I say bull***.....Gay men are as fickle as they come!


I am always worried about weight issues....despite close to at least an hour and half at the gym (and I don't chit chat there....please...it drives me crazy.......men gossip more then women at my gym..I do my work out..cardio and weight machines and go and when someone comes up to talk to me....I mutter to myself inside.....geez, they are messing up my routine..I know...bad bad bad)


As to Italian Moms and sisters...(or Latin ones...same difference) they always want to know the 411 on everything..I learned the hard way and say nothing, change the subject and tell them nothing...everything I tell them and I mean everything (I came out way later to them .......friends first...family last) gets spread around the family in lightening speed..so I say keep dodging and ignore ignore ignore....its not telling fibs if you don't respond to the question.....and you are busy anyway.....work and all..that's no lie.


So, I say soldier on and send your Mom a nice note on your new stationery that you enjoyed the time together and how much you love her.....that will win you points (although it may get her to think...hmmm..if only I can find him a nice girlfriend...ok, Memo to Matt..skip that idea)




P.S. Woof as to your new toy:) hee hee...I leave it at that..and hey, I am sure the owner of your new pet toy didn't complain one bit and is one happy toy:) yummy and who wouldn't be? Woof, I say:)

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