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And we continue - as life goes on



And we continue - as life goes on


Hmm I think i was right to try to explore the other half of of myself. It is funny I really love guys as friends but straight ones really have only one thing on thier mind and after being married 23 years plus having 3 more years of expereince I would have to say there is more to life than just physical pleasures (to me that is like being married lol and i have had plenty of that ) :2thumbs::whistle: . The guy I was dating pretty much told me that I guess he is not my type cause I want to have some fun in my life like a real date, going to a club, a movie or some other way to have a good time rather than just hanging out and then you know .... :rolleyes:


Is it really unreasonable nowadays to expect someone to give you a fun time before just getting down to business. I mean am i that oldfashioned? Well I'm hoping the world of women is different and hopefully I will find out soon. I just want to have some fun and enjoy myself.


Well the rest of my life lol. It took 2 years of counselling but I finally decided that I was ready to move on. At this point I'm hoping my husband and i will end it as friends because we started our relationship as such. I mean we have 3 kids together so will have to interact with each other in some way the rest of our life. My parents made hell out of thier divorce I never want to go through that or have my kids go through it either.


There is so much though that needs to be done even to start the process. Who knew divorce would be even more complicated than marriage?


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