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Well I did it!



I finished the first chapter of my science fiction story and i posted it here in efiction. It feels so great . This is the first time I have ever let anyone other than myself see something i have written except for a post in a RPG. I kind of feel like a child at Christmas really excited about how it will be reacted to but at the same time afraid that i might get a piece of coal in my stocking.


Well anyhow I pmmed Joe and are now an "author" here :great: I always did love the color pink!


I'm so happy Jamie is editing my story and after he finishes I will make a thread in the Efiction forum. Meanwhile if you guys want to read it be my guest. I welcome comments and any imput.


Well damn back to the grind stone I have to get to work. Anyhow thanks everyone this is a great website and totally inspired me to start writing again. I even woke up this morning with the beginningof chapter 2 in my head can't wait to start writing it after work.



Powers of the Mind: http://www.gayauthors.org/eficiton/viewsto...88a45f058ed7411


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