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The fun begins again



The fun begins again





Umm havent written in this in a while. Real life was just too busy this week trying to get all the Thanksgiving projects completed at work in only 3 days since I was sick all last week. If i havent mentioned it I'm a nursery school teacher in a daycare teaching children age 2 and a half til age 5.


Also yay! Jamie Edited the first chapter of my story so when i am online i have been working on the rewrite. I'm excited I am changing the style to less narrative (which has been a bad habit I picked up from all the Rp games I write in to real "show me -- not tell me" writing style as Jamie calls it. The rewrite is taking longer than the the chapter took to write but i think it will be worth it. Sometimes I just dont want to go to work would rather spend the time writing . It is really my only private time here.


Anyhow now that I'm really writing it seems my family is constantly trying to put their two cents in. I swear everyone knows better than everyone else what makes up a good story. All I know is first and formost I'm doing this for myself. Writing is truly cathartic for me it releases stress and just maybe I write science fiction because just imagining a world where such fantastic things can happen allows me to escape my humdrum existance. If in the end other people like what I write that would just be the icing in the cake. The negativity though I cant stand. My family thinks the only reason to write is if someone will buy it. Damn sometimes I would just love to be able to just escape to a mountain cabin with only my laptop as companion and write and write and write lol.


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