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Well ive been home since friday !! boo hooo

well i think its the flu im not sure .. but it sure sucks like it.. coughing all damn night ( no sleep) , throwing up , fever , stuffy nose ... oMG IT SUCKSSSS on top of that i had a party to go to on saterday i couldnt.. i was supposed to see my ex girlfriend on sunday we were supposed to go see the christmas tree in the city and ice skate but .. i couldnt this weekend sucked ! now its monday and im still home.. so i have to put up xmas decorations with my cold because my cold has held us back enough !


urgh so have u ever wished u were a totally different person?

i have been recently and all my friends say i shouldnt but i wish i had more convidence in myself i have really low self esteem ..iunno how to change it urghh !!!!


i gotta go back to bed now ..


<3 Coleyy


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