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Sick, Writing Again, Reading

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I've been very sick all week, which is one reason why I've had such a low profile. I'm now somewhat recovered, but I'm still quite tired. I'm about to zip out for a breif trip to the store (my second trip out today). When I get back, I'll be back to reading more. I have been doing some writing, and yes it was on PoD and Psionic Corps 3. I think Psionic Corp 3 is about to get another chapter mostly scrapped. The original chapter 3 has been gutted twice already with its content moved to chapter 4 or 5. I think I have more stuff that is more appopriate elsewhere.I've also seen a better way of writing two of my other stories in process. I think I might combine the two concepts I was having there to generate a more stable epic fantasy adventure. I'm not sure out that'll work.On the site side, I've made some calculations and have discovered something that is pleasant in my eyes thus far. I've got a whole series of programming updates for the Story Archive that I hope to update as soon as I can spend a long period of time sitting upright in front of my computer. That probably won't be until next week or the week after.That's all for now.

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