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Update from David



HiDavid's asked me to tell you guys and girls where he is....He went to the hospital this afternoon to see the Doctor again. He's been kept in because he has a intestinal infection. The doctor says thats why he's not been eating or drinking right, hence the fainting episode. He's on an IV and is being pumped full of antibiotics, they said they were keeping him for 24 to 48 hours at first to see how he settlesSo no doubt he'll be back in a couple of days to pass on all his gorey details.I'll not waste your time telling you how worried I am just now, cause I'd hope thats a given. Lets just wish him a speedy recovery.Im just about to go in and see him soo bye for nowChris


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I'm really sorry to hear about Dave, but at least they decided something was wrong and are doing something about it. I hesitate to say that I know he will be fine because I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth.


Let him know that I am thinking about him and you, and you know we are always here if you need to talk. Try not to worry, and take good care of yourself so that you can take care of him.


Snow Dog

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Hey Chris,


Give my best wishes to Dave. Hang in there. :2hands:


There's one thing I do know. It takes a lot more than an intestinal infection to take out a Scotsman!



Conner :boy:

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Dave and Chris,


Tell Dave we are all rooting for him and as Conner said, there isn't much to keep a Scottsman down and sick!!


We wish Dave a speedy recovery and please remember that you take care too Chris...keep up your strength......your Hubby will be fine....


Lots of Good Karma, Good thoughts and Prayers and whatever else we can do to get Dave back to good health!


My thoughts go with you both for Dave's speedy recovery!





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Hey Chris!


Sorry to hear about Dave's illness. :( Please pass on my best wishes and hopes that he gets well soon!


I can only guess as to how you must be feeling but I'm sure you need a hug :hug: Give Dave a hug from me too! :hug:




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Best wishes to both David and Christopher and hope David recovers soon.


Take Care,



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Hey Chris


I'm going to take a different track here. :hug: for you and for all you 've been through lately. I'm sure that David will be fine, now that they know what the trouble is. Take good care of yourself. Try not to worry to much, I'm sure that things will work out for the best. :)


With that said, send David my get well soon wishs.


Rob :boy:

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Guest Guest_libbonobo_*


Yay, Dave went back for a followup checkup! That was done with alacrity. :2thumbs:

I'm glad they're checking things out; and if a simple intestinal infection is all there is, so much the better.

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