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On Target - Who needs 6 degrees?



When you 'belong' to a community like this one, you're never very far from anyone else in the online gay fiction world. Though there are quite a few websites featuring stories, you're never really more than 1 (or 2 at most!) degrees of separation from nearly every other author or story out there. I think I commented on this fact when Comicality announced his official 'retirement' - if you were to map all the writers and readers connected through his works, site, etc. and then link them one to the other - we'd cover a LOT of ground.One advantage is that people seem fairly successful at 'hunting' down stories that they've lost track of, because chances are that SOMEONE else reading this has an idea where you can find the missing work. I recently became reacquainted with an online story in an indirect manner. Dom posted a blog entry about writing/stories. Someone commented about following the story Target which was being posted on Nifty some time ago, but then it just disappeared. And then another person commented (I believe an anonymous guest) that Target WAS available online at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lovehasmanyforms/ and had been updated at the beginning of the summer.An offhand comment followed by another offhand comment...but it reminded me: Hey! I was reading Target! And not only was I reading it, I actually REMEMBERED the core plot (which, as many of you know, is unusual for me). Target is the story of two emotionally unavailable guys (due to messy pasts) who are both DEA and are working undercover, posing as a happy gay couple. Much angst and difficulty ensues.So, I followed the link, joined the group, and read Target from the beginning to the most recent chapter. I didn't mind re-reading - I didn't remember too many details AND some of the chapters had been revised anyway. The story has really taken some steps forward from what I recalled about the DEA case they were working on (as opposed to the relationship side of the story). Then I hit the end of the existing chapters and cursed the fact that I've been caught up on the story, but now must live that 'serial life' waiting for the next update - if I remember to check for it. It's a solid, good story. I would definitely enjoy reading its conclusion.The main reason I wanted to bring this up is to encourage anyone here who has lost track of a story that he or she was enjoying to follow up on it. If you don't see it posted where it had been, you can still use the forums here and ask if anyone knows what happened to the story. This is a great community for these types of connections. Beyond that, though, I was wondering what made Target the kind of story that I both REMEMBERED from the title AND wanted keep following. First, and this may strike you as silly, the title is fairly memorable. Most stories I come across online have titles that are two or three words. Stories titled with two names - [x] AND [y] - I have no prayer of remembering. Target? I remembered. More important than the title type and length though was the story itself. I think I tend to like stories that involve more than just a relationship. That doesn't mean I don't LIKE the relationship part of the story. If anything, I like how the relationship is interwoven into the work/agent component, because that's the most 'real' part of the relationship to me - watching how the guys adjust to seeing their partner have to engage in dangerous behavior for work (rather than the manufactured 'messy' background for each).And that's what I've been reading...

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Yep just like you i was reading Target, then it was gone.


Did i give you the site? Or was that other sites i gave you?


This story is really good, I encourage or readers here to check it out.



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