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One of those weeks...



It's one of those weeks that's shaping up to be one of those years. *sigh* This was originally going to be a post on domluka's board but I realized it was more about me than him which is a bad bad sign. Myy week has been like your (Dom's) monday. Currently my DVD drive ain't operating rightly and it's a software problem which means much fun messing with slapt-get. ( I don't think the newer kernels support dvd burning properly) If that made sense to anyone, please get a life. Thank you. I have a physics test tomorrow that I am going to fail utterly. I can't even do the homework with the book lying in front of me... I have a Japense test that I need to study for (I could probably do without it, but it can't hurt and it's the only class I really like.My English class should be interesting. We have a vocab test tomorrow that I think I should pass without a problem, but you never know. Our book was written by a Marxist who is certain that literature came about because of a lack of organized religion to control the suffering masses in 18th century England. My sig comes from something I heard in that class. It's in regards to Oscar Wildes very public trial.I've also started communicating with a gay guy, remaining anonymous as always. He actually lives within five miles of me which is encouraging. We share an interest which is fun. Let's see how long I crack. Oh, blondes are dangerous. She commented offhand how I didn't seem to know what girls are for (she was joking... but she hit way too close to the truth). *shudder* now is so not the time to be outed. At this point would it surprise anyone?Ah, my pet freshman should be bringing me freshly baked goods tomorrow. Either that or he'll be hiding from me again :( I hate it when that happens. I mean, how was I to know... nevermind.Dom's stories are becoming eerily drug-like for me. I feel much better after having read a new chapter and the longer I wait, the worse I feel. This isn't good and I think I need to re-examine my life to determine what's so wrong with me, a majour part of my self-fulfillment seems to come from living fictional characters lives. meh.My three day weekend will be spent doing copious amounts of homework and working on college applications. UC Riverside, here I come! My week in terms of external events hasn't been terrible. It's just my mental outlook has been growing steadily darker. Oh, god, I only need to make it 1 quarter with straight A's and I stand a chance of getting into a good college. I just hope physics doesn't kill me. Our poor teacher who's really awesome, barely speaks english. So, nobody's learning, but he's really nice.Anyway, I need to study english. Night all!//shadows


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Welcome to our blog world. Any online physics help I can give is free of charge, to you or anyone else who reads this.


As to the blond, all you have to do is perfect the ability to blush. Since you already get uncomfortable at the comments made, just change you body language to one of embarassment/shynes from the fear/revulsion that you are actually feeling.


:king: Snow Dog

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Good luck on the physics test! Ask for help early (i.e., as soon as you don't understand something) before the next test.


I don't have a DVD burner, but K3b is supposed to burn DVDs very well, and the website (www.k3b.org) doesn't mention anything about needing special kernel modules or device drivers. I use synaptic rather than apt....use of a nice user interface does not mean one is a wimp!

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