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Peeping Tom, er, Matt



Yesterday someone told me that I


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... I knew it... I was right AGAIN! Though this is not the time for that.


Matt, a few things here.


1. NEVER feel like a fool for being yourself; a trusting, caring man who expects and deserves the same from others.


2. Just because you are open and trusting and were hoping for reciprocation does not make this your fault. We all are not the same and while maybe his issues with trust are for a good reason, it definately should be said that you are not to blame.


3. Please don't ever close yourself off from creating wonderful relationships with great people, even when it isn't exactly what you would picture as perfect. You can't change people and you wouldn't want someone trying to change you, just know that you are who you are, no question about it...


4. I don't care if you write like a girl or a guy, you write amazingly and to me you write like... Matthew PazCastillo...


Hugs, Vivian

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As Viv said, you write the way YOU write...and WTF as to the moron who said you write like a girl...may I ask what in the world does that mean? Is it meant as a slur or insult...I would suspect that the women of the world, many of them amazing writers, would state that is a compliment.


The moron that said that (and yes, a moron) has ISSUES beyond belief..tell them to go get a life and figure out how to live it rather then waste time with inane comments.....As Kitty would say, can this person say and spell what he really is feeling----J-E-A-L-O-U-S..because the moron is a frigging moron and can't write like you....give me a break.


I am not sure whom you mean as to the rest of your blog..I hope not GE since I really was liking him a lot...and felt he was open and ready to explore being with you in a full loving wonderful relationship...sigh..I hope not.


and if so, just remember, then as my sister Maria would say "it wasn't meant to be" and "everything works out for a reason" and as you would say......So....well, his loss not yours...and if its not GE you are speaking of...well, hmmm.....I am stumped......you sound bummed and for that I am sorry..since you know even before the days of this Forum, I always loved the work you do, the amazing stories and the fact that you are one amazing cool and special Guy....with an amazing heart, great sense of humor and a down to earth, aww shucks, honesty and kindness and understatedness that makes me thing the world of you and that is an understatement.


Beyond all that Matt, chin up.....have your the world sucks moment....and then when you least expect it...well, there you go...some hottie is pursuing you....


and hmmm as to the neighbor.....reminds me of shades of Rear Window with James Stewart and Grace Kelly.....well, hopefully Mr. Buns had sexy buns and I am sure he was happy to display them:)


ok, now, time for me to have dinner, the gym and then to bed early...the car is on the fritz and it has to go into the mechanics at the car dealership at 8am...grrrr....and it doesn't sound good...


sighs again...and hugs sent your way Matt:)



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I think I know what they mean by "write like a girl," but they're wrong.


You write viewpoint characters who are vulnerable and who observe the beloved with intensity, wuth analysis, and with anxiety. Some people think that men are supposed to be simpler than that, and that they're supposed to view the beloved as an object to be attained, or a prize to be won, and so to think strategically and not those other ways. But we all know that men are as variable, complicated, and self-aware as women (personally I think the current fad of men portraying themselves as frankly kind of dumb and thoughtless is a weapon being wielded by the patriarchal backlash and it's insincere, mean-spirited and manipulative and I guess I'm really into threes tonight). And I have heard straight men talking to each other when I wasn't supposed to be able to hear them because I was busy in the other room (not eavesdropping on conversations, just hearing ones that weren't being prettied up for my benefit) and they are capable of thinking about the beloved just like your characters do. So it can't even be said that there's some exception going on.


You write like a man: you write like the kind of man that Matt PazCastillo is.


My mother-in-law said my early stories were like Ernest Hemingway (I don't think so, but she was an intelligent woman and I do not discount her opinion even when I disagree with it). I'm really not very manly. I figure there are things about writing which have to do with gender, but no sweeping "write like a man" or "write like a woman" or "write like a brain-eating zombie" is going to cover the subject.

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Hey Matt,


So you put those little hearts above the i's, eh? Silly boy! :P


I liked the peeping story! :great: Big win for everybody. Maybe we should create a voluntary registry for people who like to peep and those who like to be peeped on? :wacko: Now that could really build community. :boy:


Sorry you were hurt, Matt. Funny thing about trust. It only becomes important when it's tested. Trust once given cannot be taken back. There's no choice but to extend the trust.





Conner :boy:

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