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Good for Eric! I've got e-books in so many formats I don't know what to do: Pdf, lib, djv, doc, txt and rtf, oh my. :wacko:


They all want their very own player of course and keeping track of them on my hard drive is a pain in the >censored<.


I just finished using a program called DocVault to index all of my ebooks so that I can finf them when I want them. DocsVault is a type of program called a document manager which essentially acts like a big index to all of your files. They offer a free home version, which is what I'm using. Their commercial versions offer many additional features but the free version is certianly helpful.






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Hey Eric :D


First off I'm glad to hear you're so happy today!! :D:great::2thumbs:


LOL, but I don't think I have any concept of what you're talking about. I mean I know what audiobooks are, but I thought they were just what you listen to in your car or a music player around the house (I've never actually listened to one myself). So I'm a bit confused about how they're tied up with computers. I'm guessing you can like download one or something? Also, and I'm seriously not trying to be a buzzkill, I don't get why if you had to listen to them while sitting at your computer there's much of an advantage over regular text format. I mean I thought the big appeal of audiobooks was that you could listen while driving or building birdhouses or some other random activity that would require sight and divided concentration. Anyway I guess it would be nice to just sit there and play solitare or something while listening. I've never experienced audiobooks firsthand at all so I'm probably just having a hard time conceptualizing it.


Victor does sound like a good techie! Shannon too! And yeah it definitely looks like the company is committed to good customer service. I remember hearing or reading (but not hearing it read apparently :P ) that if handled correctly by the company a problem is actually a good opportunity to build consumer loyality. I.E. you might be less likely to change companies if they fixed a problem well in the past than if no problem had occurred in the first place.


Anyway YAY for Audible and for you getting everything sorted out! :D:great:


Take care and have an awesome day!! :hug:

Kevin (who tends to be in the last wave of any group of people embracing a new technology)

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