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Meat Eater



Boys and Girls,First, some good news. Chapter four of Unrequited is finished. Now, before you get too excited, I have to tell you that it won


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"Meat Eater" catchy title there, Matt. :P It got my attention.


Great news about Unrequited. I'm looking forward to it. :D


My experience has been when things are easy, they're never simple; and when they're simple, they're never easy. :( Easy and simple do come along every now and then, but not often enough for me.


You're not alone in needing "cave time". It's a masculine trait, in my view. It's a tricky business knowing when to drag someone out of his cave. It's not always a happy ending. Sounds like GE has "relationship skills" - lucky you! :boy:



Conner :boy:


S.P. I wood bee honarded two poofread yur l8est khapter! :funny:

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Matt...I can't imagine ANYONE hating your stories...geez....on another note, I agree with Conner glad to see that you have a relationship builder in GE...and from the sounds of it..he does bring good things to life..you that is...


Conner said it best.....or at least for me, its true...when I am emotionally upset or wounded or angry, I go into cave man routine...so....as you would say, its good that you have someone who has sensitivity to know when to let you dwell in the cave and when its time to go get you out of it and bring you back to life:)


I will look forward to the next chapter...of any of your works...and hey, like Conner, if you need someone to edit, spell check, etc....feel free to call upon me...I am sure there are betas (and call me computer stupid..but I don't know what a beta is....but I know Dom uses them to edit for his chapters) who would help you out...so far Conner and me too.


hey, can you send a Gay twin of GE this way:)


chat soon and thanks for brightening my day (give me a theme of electricity and I run with it...and glad to see there is electricity and chemistry between you and GE...I know...sooooo bad puns of me....well 4 hrs sleep does that....work too much..needing a GE to bring me to life...


ok, later oh so cool Writer Genius:)



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Awww, poor Matt!


Like the other two said, even if there is one hater out there, we still love you! And I'm glad you have GE to make everything better. Sounds like you two would make a great couple. :wub:


Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter of your story! I hope all goes well with GE and he puts you in a better mood!



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