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holla back



I finally started running again today. Ever since I got shin splints two months ago I've stopped. I have soo much stress built up, running helps take it out. So I woke up this morning about about 5 30 and only ran about a mile and a half. It kicked my butt. I plan to do it again in about five hours, if I wake up. I also went for auditions today. I got to read my first choice and my second choice, which is rare, so it must be a good sign. I'm not really sure how I did though. People said I did fine, but I didn't really feel it. I'm not expecting to get a part. There's too many seniors that have been in the program a while that deserve parts. I'll be happy to get a walk on role though. They post call backs tomorrow. I'll keep you updated. I decided I'm not going to be taking tap lessons anymore. I don't think I'll be able to catch up to some other people and there are only about 15 spots and we have about 7 really amazing tap dancers. I'll still audition for the spring musical though. 42 street should be good. Also I can't really afford tap lessons AND shoes. Tap shoes are about 80 and I've had to spend all my money on other things. O well. I'll take tap lessons some day. Maybe it'll be when I'm 60 and retired. No nvm, I'll have arthritis then and I'd die. There goes that idea. Also my dad conveniently forgot to take me on tuesday night. Things just didn't seem to want to fit together.so thats about it. Once this audition thing blows over I'll have more to talk about. Later, but first I'll leave you with ~random Jones Soda bottle cap fortune~ "A newcomer in your life is becoming more important"(to get the most of out the "radom Jones Soda bottle cap fortune of the night" you need to ask yourself some questions such as: How is this important in my life? What can I learn from the random bottle cap fortune? How can I apply this to my life? and questions as such...)


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Spooooky fortune! ;) I think it applies to you quite too well. In fact, I hope it applies to myself in several different ways. As for the auds, I'm sure you did great! :D You just don't know it yet. ;)

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All this talk of running is making my knees swell up.


I blew out my right knee playing football back in the early eighties. Running doesn't work for me anymore but I can still ride my mountian bike.


It just hurts a alot more when I wipe out now.


*&^%$ trees!



All my best,




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