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Hey Matt,


It strikes me that you're map of the world is pretty solid and realistic. I think you just need a little more practice....well actually, you need a lot more practice. :P


You're just a pup though, so you have lots of time. :D


C.S. Lewis said that "suffering" is what makes us grow up. Otherwise, we'd all still be in the nursery cluthing our toys. (I left the nursey a while back but I still grab my crotch when I get anxious. :P Some toys you can't give up.)


So all you can really do is just put yourself out there and be the man you want to be. People will eventually get it...and so will you.



Conner :boy:

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Matt...um, what you just described is me totally...I am wondering if its a Taurus thing..I am 46 and still face those same things..I run from confrontation...(years of growing up in a house of strife) and well, don't do anger well....amazing I don't have an ulcer..I just keep it inside..add to that and I am always labeled (it must have been stamped on my head at birth (he's too sensitive) and I bleepty bleep hate that...it drives me crazy to hear it and I have been damned with that word by just about everyone I know as if I have some incurable horrible dreadful disease and stay away...geez, and do you hear he is an attorney....how weird....I hear that one too...


in any event, I say you have good qualities (I like to think being honest..hey, I have won points for that...from clients no less who are shocked and amazed that an attorney is honest)


in any event, I say, you are doing just fine being you and I am proud of you and proud for you that you are caring, honest, sensitive and have kindness....


I emailed you as to the beta thing....(is that like vhs or beta..yeah, I date myself with when vcrs came out there were wars over one should get a beta or a vhs vcr...go figure..now they are all obsolete...some days, I feel the same way..that I am past obsolence..oh well, such is life)


Happy Weekend in any event:)



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I have been curious too.......I miss Matts blog entries :(


I hope you are okay and please come back soon.





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This came through the yahoo group today.


Dear Readers,


It is with great regret that I am announcing that I am taking some time off

to address some health issues. I was diagnosed with a condition in 2003 and

recently there have been some unfortunate new developments. This was not an

easy decision for me to make, but I have been unwell for some time and as a

consequence it has rendered me unable to continue writing actively at this



I would like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to write and

share my work with all of you.




Matt PazCastillo


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Dom, I thought you knew..I have to say I am super worried and hope that Matt will be ok....there have been many messages sent to Matt in reply to his announcent via the older Forum that was created on Yahoo.


I sure hope that Matt will be ok, both physically and mentally, since illnesses can zap both forms of energy.


As many of us have posted there...just in case Matt checks in here....this is sent with good thoughts, prayers, good karma and a lot of hope that Matt has a speedy recovery and will be back to good health.


Matt, just know, the writing will always be here and so will we when you are ready to post and write.


Hugs sent your way and thoughts for a speedy recovery:)



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