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GERD, The Sims 2, Gay Authors, Writing

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Well, after a lot of tests, the doctors tell me I have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease... very strong, non-stoppable heartburn). They haven't tried hooking me up with the purple pill (nexium) yet or prevacid (my mother is on that one). I've been prescribed Protonix for the moment and it has cut off the worst part of the acid reflux. So, this is the update of why I've been feeling so shitty lately.On the good news side, I got a 5% raise on my review. This is the most my cheap-ass company gives out.My copy of The Sims 2 Expansion Pack (Sims 2 University) came in. I spent much of yesterday raising 3 boys with my gay couple. The boys were biological the sons of both men. There is a neat trick when forming a family. You turn one of your cute guys into a woman... pop out the kids you want... then turn her back into your cute guy. (this is in the create a family area). Boom, instant gay family with two biological fathers. :D The three boys are teens now and they are getting pretty good at playing the new guitar, drums and bass that comes with Sims 2 University. :great: Excellent game. :great: As a side note for the site, I posted the other day that I was going to be switching servers. This is moving ahead slowly, as it takes time for certain things to be set up properly. It is very close though. Switching servers will change our transfer limits dramatically. This will allow for a MAJOR expansion, assuming I can find the kinds of authors I'm looking for. I also have a lot of upgrades in process for the Story Archive. These changes should allow us to greatly expand the archive. :) I've already posted some of the major updates in The Cafe, and there will be several other ones as well.People will also be happy to note that I've been writing again. Things are not going as well as I would like, but I have added to several stories including HP&POD 30, Three-Edged Sword -Fred Chapter 1, Psionic Corps 3,4,5 (Not sure which order I want events occurring so there is a huge volume of stuff that is equal to complete chapters and a bit of a third. Once I figure things out, then I'll have a full chapter compete for posting.) and last is Aryn. I get the most requests for this story, perhaps because it is so short? The plan for Aryn is to be about 3 chapters. They will be large chapters.

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I too have GERD and am on Nexium. If you go on the purple pill, be aware of one thing: it seems that stomach acid is a natural antibiotic/antivirus, and that when you negate the stomach acid, you are eliminating one of your body's primary defenses against getting flu or pneumonia. I can't quote sources here but did read about it several weeks ago and talked with my doctor about it. As a result, during the flu season (or when I felt I was coming down with something), I discontinued the Nexium until "it" was past. I now tend to take it less frequently.



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      I've had a really, really long day. All day at work and then to a friend's to do computer work. I feel like I'm burning both ends of the candle. It's really getting tiring. At work, for example, I'm working on a deal that will get the company about $1.2 million dollars. I wonder if I'll get a cut? I doubt it. This is in addition to all the other rather extensive work I'm doing. 9-10 days 5 days a week. In addition to working on my thesis too.If you are wondering why I haven't been turning out writing, there it is.Oh, on top of all that, I come home and take care of Gay Authors. This ranges from dealing with emails and PMs to software maintenance. I'm also working on setting up some policies for here. We are really expanding on people, even if they aren't all posting. We are getting a huge amount of traffic.With any luck, I'll be able to get some writing done tonight. Wish me luck.
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      Wow! I can't believe how much my day swung around. I did at least 10 radically different things at work today. Then I find out that a MAJOR project is coming Monday that is vitally important. It will increase the companies business by 25% a year in one contract. And this contract has a likelihood of a big expansion beyond the initial boost. Obviously, I'm being retasked starting Monday. Throw into that a mandated trip next week, it's going to be totally hectic. This is also while I'm dealing with two other major projects that are nothing to sneeze at either...I feel like I'm being tugged in too many different directions. Good thing I have a week's paid vacation I can take sometime...Now, I truly hope to get a hell of a lot accomplished this weekend. I've got a few stories that are really closed to getting released... (like Three-Edged Sword Fred Chapter 1 and Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams Chapter 30. Psionics Corps Chapter 3 is progressing well enough too.)Does anybody actually look at these? Not that it matters. It really is relaxing to write these things. lolHappy reading guys
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      I'm tired. It seems like I'm always tired. It seems like my life consists mostly of working, reading/writing to escape reality, paying bills, or sleeping.While work is generally okay and occasionally even fun, it seems to occupy way too much of my life. Except those bills keep coming. Granted, I've made one hell of a dent on the debt part, I still feel like I'm a lot further behind than I should be. I mean, I'm 27 and I'm living at home with my parents. I make more money a year than my father. I really only see my parents on weekends, since I work days and they work nights.... but still. I am paying rent (less than I'd pay elsewhere, but still a decent chunk). I feel like I'm stuck in an emotional rut, and I don't really see a way that is going to change any time soon.
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