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WELL OMG!!! for some reason i thought my anniversiery here at GA was tomorrow the 22nd... but its not... it was over a week ago... the 11th... and i had it planned out to write a blog about how great my time here has been... well here is my belated anniversery blog.


I HAVE BEEN AT GA FOR OVER A YEAR!!! *SCREAMS* *SHOUTS* & *DANCES*!!!! and i want to start by saying how wonderful this place is... i mean seriously this place rocks so hard. All the people here are wonderful and i have mad quit a few great friends along the way... i mean seriously you all have helped me to be a better person and helped me to see how great life can be. I mean seriously you guys rock.


First off i wanna say that live chat really rocks... i love it... and i espcially loved it when i first opened my account... it was really wonderful and it got me in touch with some of my closests friends here.


Secondly... i love reading people blogs because i am a nosey bitch and like knowing peoples business... seriously


Thirdly... i would like to thank Dom Luka because if it wasnt for him i would have probably never stummbled onto this site from his yahoo group and found such a wonderful community... seriously you have know idea how much this place has affected my character and helped me grow.


And Finally i wanna give a shout out to a few special people who have made everything here rock really hard. I wanna say i love you Myr for creating such a great place and keeping it going... not only is this a great story site but i think it is a safe haven for closeted teens... and i wanna tell Vance, Lugh, Patrick, David, Lurker, Ian, Kurt, Kevin, JamesSavick and Vic how awesome they are... they have really helped me when i was down and they have kept me laughing through the good times... seriously you guys are awesome and hold a special place in my heart!!! i love you guys!!!


Here's to one good year down and hopefully many more to come :king:


Song for the Blog: Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional


(because hands down this is the best thing i can ever remember... always remember!)


later ~ nick :read:


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Congratulations on the anniversary, Nick!

I had mine on the 6th January. You're absolutely right, though. This place Rocks!


Camy B)

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You are welcome Nick!


One of the fun things about this site is that there are a lot of young people here in their mid-teens. If you stick around long enough, you can watch shy, timid kids grow up before your eyes.


It's an amazing transformation to watch as you guys figure out that you aren't perverts [you can't be. I never see you at any of the meetings. :lmao: ], that you aren't alone and that there are good people around who will accept you just the way you are.


Our society can be a meat-grinder for gay kids subjecting them to ridicule, humiliation and violence- destroying their self esteem and confidence, making them feel inferior, isolated and depressed. That can make them vulnerable to a lot of problems that no one needs. My generation reached adulthood and immediately began having to recover from the abuse of their childhood and teens. That's just not a healthy way to live.


I want it to be different for your generation. Healthy people make a healthy and prosperous community. Your generation will see more freedom, opportunity and equality than any previous generations of GLBT people. I don't begrudge you this birthright; I wouldn't have it any other way. Just take take those opportunities and make the most of them being ever mindful of the generations of our people to which those oppertunities were denied.




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