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Early Morning Rambling



I hate it when I can't sleep. I went to bed at 1:00 only to be tossing and turning by 5:30. Now I am sitting up bored. I have no new chapters to read so I have been forced to actually read a book. :P


That is actually a good thing. I haven't read anything that wasn't online since Sara Bell published The Magic In Your Touch back in July. I guess this week I am playing catch up. I read Maurice by E.M. Forester on Thursday, The Dryfus Affair by Peter Lefcourt on Saturday and now I am reading Comfort and Joy by Jim Grimsley. Thankfully my sweet hubby reminded me of a great place where you can go and borrow books for free instead of spending $15 - $20 evertime I want to read. I really enjoyed Maurice and I Netflix shipped out the movie (that was made back in 1987 I think) on Friday so it should be here today. :2thumbs:

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Sweet Mag.....hey, its getting to the point where I might just start going back to the Library with checking out books...I am on an English authors kick..During the summer, I read Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" (ah, it was ok..but I did read it and will probably throw in one or 2 more of her novels)..I then read Evelyn Waugh's 'Brideshead Revisited" and I LOVED every bit of it...(the PBS series was very true to the book)


I will read more Evelyn Waugh..I am now reading (well he is American) David Sedaris's "Dress Your Family in Corduray and Denim" and its just very funny in its droll, sarcastic humorous way.


Next will be "Wuthering Heights"..


and I broke down and got the paperback of Thomas Franks' "What's the Matter with Kansas" for my in between political book.


One of my friends emailed a long list of English classics and such so I plan on tackling it and keeps me out of trouble...as you said, reading is a passion...and a joy.


I hate those mornings or nights of no sleeping...I am a late night bird so I am trying to get to bed earlier..the problem is I wake up around 2am rested and wanting to read, etc...so not a good thing when one has to be alert for work...grrr...so debating going to bed later and get less sleep and at least get more reading done..oh well, I ramble.



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