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The nightmare

The Reaper


Omg today has been a f*cking nightmare that just wont end.


I stayed up all night last night (thanks insomnia), and I ended up having to go to school today cus my parents were meeting up with my counselor and psychologist and all that bullshit. THEN, i miss my bus (not on purpose this time) to my FAVORITE class. So i stayed in the library for a while. I couldnt check any of my sites because there were 3 different classes in the library and all of the little freshman were staring at my screen. So i go to my individual sports class and find out we\'re playing Ultimate Frisbee. Oh yeah, cus i totally like U.F. (F*CK THAT). So while we\'re playing, i get f*ckin tackled by this kid and my head hits the ground. I got knocked out for a few minutes and now i have a splitting headache. I skipped fifth hour (right now) and i realize that no one from this lunch is at school today, so i ate alone. I ate alone in the dark corner of the lunch hall while this kid Ben talks shit about me (i could hear him quite well). My plans for getting high after school are squashed as well which just gets me PISSED OFF. I have to babysit from 4-5, then i have to eat and see my psychologist at 7.


And thats just what happened so far. OH, i also found out Kaydee is really REALLY sick with some nasty ass virus or something. That sucks for me because i love that bitch and i hate to see her all sick and shitty. And to top it all off, i feel like shit, im pissed off, i cant leave the library for another hour, and the guy who normally flirts with me gave me that \"what the hell are you looking at\" look in the lunch line....THE WHOLE F*CKING SCHOOL SAW IT!


I forgot something. This magic guy (hes amazing btw), yesterday ragged on me for wearing designer clothing and i got all defensive. I apologized and told him that i meant no disrespect (i f*ckin worship the ground he walks on for petes sake) and he hasnt said anything back yet. So i feel like shit for even saying what i said in the first place. This day has been the WORST day of 07.....by FAR.


Ah f*ck now my stomach hurts from eating what i ate. F*CK I HATE THIS DAY. I have this huge bump on the side of my head.....hurts like a mother f*cker.


Id really like to say something here but i cant for fear of someone calling the police lol. These are the days that makes me want to kill myself. Im not going to.....but ive been thinking a lot about it lately. I actually planned the whole thing out, as if i were going to do it.


Id describe it to ya but id prolly get kicked outta here lol.


I so just wanna go home and go to bed for the rest of the day. Oh, one good thing i remembered though, the cops last night didnt find my cigarettes cus i hid them right in front of their noses hehe. Its amazing what practicing magic for 7 years will let you do in real life. So at least i can go home, smoke a ton of cigarettes, babysit, take a nap, go to my psychologists office, then go home and go to bed for the night.


Im gonna take a nap next hour lol. That\'ll be good..........AH F*CK I CANT GOD DAMMIT. If i close my eyes during Mrs. F*****\'s class, i get a detention on the spot. That sucks SO MUCH BALLS (the bad kind of ball sucking hehe).


Ahh, but whatever....ill stop writing now so i can go grab my cards and check the forums.




Peace out till later,




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