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Gimme that old time religion.....

The Reaper


War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.


Religion. What is it good for? It keeps our society "civilized." I don't give a f*ck who you are, thats the truth so shove it if oyu think otherwise.


Now, im gonna be a little mish-mash so bare with me.


Where did religion start? Well, where did mythology start? Mythology wasn't always myths, it was what people believed in back then, so you could call it a religion if you wanted. Religion is a way to calm people; to give people answers to questions they cant answer.


Ok well first off, in general, people (and animals) are afraid of what they don't know about. Its like a dog hating someone they meet for the first time.


Back in the day, science was no where NEAR as advanced as today. So they couldn't explain a lot of things (ex: burning "witches" for doing "magic"). They couldnt explain why the sun set everyday and came up again the next morning. So they made up something (god and goddess') that explained it. After a few hundred years, mythology evolved into one god. Someone made a book and labeled it "The Bible."


Thats how the bible was started, believe it or not. If there is no god (the jury is still out on that one and ill prove it if you ask me), thats how the bible was started.


Now your probably thinking, "how does this make people civilized?" Well, lets break it down. What is the BASIC focus of all religions. Be good (AKA, follow the rules).


If your good then you go to a beautiful place where all things imaginable come to life. If your bad, then you go to a place where your condemned to eternal damnation and torture.


Keeping that in mind, you can see how todays modern society is a microcosm of religions "world."


If oyu follow the rules here in society (dont break any laws and follow the rules given to you), you get a reward (not going to jail and having the life you choose). But if your bad, you get punished and are sent to a bad place for a long time (jail, although for all you "catchers" (me!) it might not be so bad).


Back in the day (a long ass time ago), what were religious rules called? Laws. The ten commandments, back int he day, were known as laws. And back then, society was BASED ON religion. So you can see how the word laws went from being a religious term, to being a regular "today" term for rules.


So, to make my final point on this one, without religion, we would have gone crazy. If religion wasnt there to start with, we wouldnt have rules (that most of us (me!) break) or laws to keep people civilized.


Also, as long as science cannot explain a question, ANY question, religion is going to stay in someones mind. And as i ALWAYS say, "as long as there is an idea, someone will follow it." (thats why most dictators burn books and limit the media)


The rules set up by religion were from back then and do not necessarily hold any merit to today's rules. BUT, that does not mean religion should be banned in todays society.


Religion does so many good things for people (although some are questionable). I mean look at how much money is being given to the religious charities. They get SO much money to helping people over come illness, get a job, and (once again) give answers to questions that science cannot (at this point).


I wont get started on the church itself, it has so many problems that if i were to name them all, i would take up more room than i am given. SO we'll leave that alone.




And now onto the subject of homosexuality in the bible (the biggie!!). In the Bible (as said by a good friend earlier), it does NOT say homosexuals are going to hell. Homosexuality is mentioned i think 9 times int he bible, and not ONCE does it say we are going to hell. If you dont believe me then go look it up.


BUT, that isnt to say that people dont think that we are going to hell, because we ALL know that a lot do think that.


Ill give you the answer to solve ALL OF THIS. (and i aim this towards religious, gay hating people) F*CK OFF. If those people minded their own god dammed business then there would be no problem.....just segregation (and thats not always a bad idea).


But we know those dirty, bible thumping Christians wont do that. SO! We are left with a problem. And that problem is the separation between church and state. If we had TRUE separation between church and state, there would be no problem. But the government still listens to religion so thats why we cant get married in the majority of the states (GO NEW JERSEY!!!).


So i say we fight. Not with cheap words, but with power and force. I, personally, am ready to dildo f*ck some gay hating christians till they like it up the butt. (LMAO! im thinking that was to graphic to be on here). And i say we need that kind of action. Maybe not dildo f*cking, but force.


Religion also has some bad parts toward gays indirectly. I know a person who almost killed himself because he thought it'd be better to die than to be gay. Why did he think that? Because of his religious background. He believes in god and is now comfortable with being gay, but before that......he almost shot himself in the head (literally).




SO! What have we covered? I think i hit it all. If i didnt cover something then tell me and ill get on it immediately.


There ya go. Thats why religion is needed, hated, loving, stupid, caring, torturing, wanted and just F*CKED UP.



Ian ^_^

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