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'Gil!' "What!?" 'Your name's gil right?' "...no"



Well yes, I'm back from a fab night out. We went on a bar crawl with the lgb soc, yes, after all that annoyingness on Tuesday seb came with me, and actually had a good time I'm sure. So we went to a few bars, then to a gay club. I had a really awesome time, Seb was really affectionate and I got to talk to loads of people that I've not seen all summer. And I didn't get as drunk as I did on tuesday hehe. I love when you have great evenings that stay great all through. We made a new friend too (no, not in that way, shh) he seems really nice, and not like...he's like on the same wavelength as me, which is always nice. So yeah, we had some drinks and did some dancing, lol, we ended up on a podium somehow. I normally find such things mostly embarrassing, but I was just the right amount of drunk and it was like...I kinda felt like seb was showing everyone in the club that I was his...ok, that sounds dumb, but anyway...


I'm pretty tired now, so should get off to bed soon. Take care all. Times in the world seem uncertain and hectic, but things will be ok...maybe I'm a hopeless romantic or idealist, but I believe that, so yeah...look after yourselves until everything is fine...


Ben :wub:


'And I find myself knowing the things that I knew, which is all you can know on this side of the blue'


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kinda felt like seb was showing everyone in the club that I was his...ok, that sounds dumb, but anyway...


That's not dumb at all. It makes you feel pretty good. :D

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That it did James :D


How are you btw? You're right I've not been to crvboy much lately, it's mostly because I'm lazy, lol, my computer doesn't keep me signed onto that site anymore for some reason and I'm too lazy to type my name in each time :*)

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