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Change of plans



I posted in my last blog a list of stories I am currently working on. However, as of right now all of them are on hold as I write a new story. This is one that is beating the inside of my brain to get out, so I'm going to work on it exclusively until it's complete. Here is a small portion of the already long story. Enjoy.



It was his eyes that spoke for us both. The emotions of the moment hung like a miasma in the air robbing either of us of the ability to speak. It was his eyes that spoke the plea for me to deny the truth. Those eyes contained sadness and a loathing that only sunk my own emotions further into the tar-like blackness that was threatening to swallow me whole. His hand clung to the faded maroon banister of the landing as if his only lifeline to a world suddenly far emptier than before. His face drew around those eyes as a force of will was exerted to hold back tears. It was his eyes that spoke for both of us even as he finally found his voice to simply ask,


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