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Buddhism really works...



OK. Here's the thing. Yesterday I decided that I wasn't going to stress about my friend Chris being able to spend the weekend with me, Noah and the half dozen other friends we'd got organised. I'd just let go and plan without worrying about him being there. So today when I got to school and saw him I left alone the question of what's going on this weekend or whether he'd done any homework. It shocked me a bit that when I first spoke to him I could see the anxiety in his eyes. I felt pretty low thinking that I could make him stress over something like this. Anyway I left the danger subjects alone and we just talked about everything else. Same in class - didn't go anywhere near the weekend or Latin homework. Same at Lunch. I didn't stress over the weekend and I dind't bring it up with Chris. And it felt really good! So just now he caught me between classes and said he'd got about half the translation done but if we could work on it together tonight we could finish it and he'd be free the weekend.




Tread lightly, let it go easy and happiness will follow!



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You handled that very well.


It's obvious that he values your friendship and that he is getting defensive about procrastinating. By low-keying the situation, you kept him from having to defend himself.


All in all, you did much better than I would have. After the whiney, needy comment, he would have been bleeding.

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