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Our little visitor :)



Jon's here!


Weve had a nice little chat and i got a hug. He seems to be feeling better just now. Ive told him about the site, so he said he mght have a little look while he's here :)

Oh I saw the year book photo of the guy's he likes.. Cute. Least now I have a face to hunt down and threaten!!!

If you msn me and dont get a reply in the next couple days it'll be because he's on the laptop. (little bitty shy ;) )


Dave :D


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Dave and Chris and Jon:)


A big DomaLuka Hello to Jon (tell him we all send him Hugs from over the Pond....and I am sure he has met, so to speak, Big Sis/Auntie Viv:)


Of course, he has excellent taste (i.e. his crush being cute..after all don't his big brothers have good taste in choosing each other:)


I think its way cool that Jon has you both....with all those questions and great built in unconditional love and support....makes him one very lucky brother:)


Hugs to all and I hope Jon likes our Forum and joins us...so we keep it all in the family:)



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hehe Jon requested that we call him Jonny... only his dad, Dave, and Chris call him Jon :D


And he did have a rather funny reaction to Daves blog post on Sept 26th :P

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