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The Greatest Birthday Gift Ever!

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Coming Undone


For once Eric got exactly what he wanted for his birthday!!!! :2thumbs:


I informed all my real world friends and family (note: this does not include the slugs) of my wishes that they not buy me things for my birthday. If they felt they wanted to give me something they should make a donation to Waltham House.


Waltham House is a group home program designed to provide a safe and supportive living environment for up to 12 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) youth ages 14-18. The program also serves youth who may be questioning (Q) their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Many young people have previously experienced difficulty due to their gender or sexuality identities. Waltham House offers residents a safe place to live while they prepare for family reunification, independent living, and future self-sufficiency.

Waltham House is located in Waltham, Massachusetts. The program offers 24-hour staffing, and is housed in a large, comfortable, federal-style home with an expansive tree-lined back yard in a suburban neighborhood. Currently, the program serves GLBTQ youth who are in need of a safe and nurturing environment in order to reintegrate back into a community and/or family setting.


Waltham House is the first residential group home designed specifically for GLBTQ youth in New England, and is only the fourth program of its kind in the nation.

I very happy to report that everyone listened to me and understood why I felt this would be the greatest gift I could ever receive.

I am a very happy and lucky man. 0:)



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Oh my! That's so mature and noble! :hug: If everyone thinks like you, perhaps institutions like Waltham House will get full help it needs. :worship:

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Oh Eric, you're such a nifty person!! :D


That does sound like a really awesome thing! I definitely hope to offer my support to them myself someday soon. It sounds like such a great thing!


Thanks for informing us about it.


I hope your year is fantastic!!! :hug:


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Well done, Eric!


Here's a quote I like to throw around...


Why be better than others, when you can be better for others?



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I missed your birthday? again!!!!


Happy birthday dude, I'm glad you got what you wanted this year.


All the best,



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I missed your birthday? again!!!!

All the best,


:2thumbs:Happy Birthday :2thumbs:

I missed it too :o

Pl email me how I can join, in your name, my gift to yours(or send a PM).

Take care and be happy :rolleyes:

old bob

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