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When life hands you lemons..



When life hands you lemons you make lemonaid right? Well what happens when life hands you a rubber band?


Right...random though there, but hey... :off:


Today saw several important things happen for me and I thought I'd share them.


First, several clients contacted me about new projects, and one even faxed me a copy of the terms they would like listed for our next contract.


Second, in light of the continued good fortune in business, I made the decision to expand my company beyond just me. After speaking at length with some friends and associates I've decided that starting in '06 I'll be taking on a few employees and expanding my service offerings to clients. This is something that many of my clients have already been asking me about for a while, and a few others have been damn near demanding. So, I'm not worried about druming up enough business to keep the employees busy and paid. This is really exciting for me as it's just one more step toward my ultimate goal for my company. :great:


Third, there is a great amount of truth behind the concept of finding what you want when you're not looking for it. Tonight as my friends and I sat in our usual booth at our usual Denny's I was shocked to see a one-time love interest of mine come in. When the rest of the group noticed him they quickly invited him over and we all began to catch up. It appears he's moved back to town. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Repeat after me: I will not do a rebound relationship. I will not do a rebound relationship. :wacko:


Lastly, upon returning home tonight my roommates and I were shocked to discover a police car sitting there and two officers coming OUT of my house - a bit shocking really. As I pulled into my driveway the lead officer approached and asked if I lived there. :blink: No, I just randomly park in people's driveways...but I digress. It appears that someone had attempted to break into my house! Luckily, the alarm system I pay for turned out to be a good investment as did having the neighbor's on good terms. They saw the guy coming out of the house and told the cops which direction he was going. Apparently they busted the guy only about two blocks away. The shock over the local cops actually catching someone...or actually doing anything...nearly killed me. :P I walked the house with one cop while the roomies each went with another and luckily nothing was missing. The guy didn't have the time to nab anything. It appears the only problem was the broken glass on the sliding door into the backyard. I can live with that, though it means a trip to Home Depot or Lowes tomorrow.


Wow! Eventful day I'd say, but rather enjoyable all around. Whatever might tomorrow hold? No idea, but it should at least be interesting.






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A good big dog is also a good deterent for burglars. Even the threat of one is enough. A burglar will move to another house if they think they have a big dog to contend with. Perhaps buy a big dog dish and some beware of dog signs. Or get yourself a big dog. Just a suggestion. Many professional burglars used to install security systems and know how to bypass them (there is always a way).

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