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:) And then... what happened next? :P


Congratulations, Dio -- a very entertaining piece. Are you going to do this as a full novel?

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Now my curiosity is about what happen before the episode rarer than after the episode. please may the muses lets us have more 0:)




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I sincerely hope there will be more and that you're not just teasing us!


Camy B)

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Of course there's more. :blink: I'm just posting bits so people know I'm still alive, writing, etc. I've been working on NUMB for several months now. Got lots written. I'm hoping to sit down soon and start piecing the story together for posting. Er...but I'm not even going to try and give a release date this time. My life is ridiculous at the moment. Fun...but hectic.


Oh yeah, and Megs, I've lost your e-mail addy. So if you see this. Drop me a line please...

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Great little piece Dio good to hear theres more coming, you keep tantalizing us with these great snippets of stories, cant wait to see where you go with the rest of it

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